Awesome songwriter and artist Allee WIllis, friend and hero to the Geyser of Awesome, just announced a contest in support of her Detroit tribute and revitalization project called “’The D’: A Citywide Sing-Along Multimedia Mega-Tribute to Detroit!”. Support the project and you could win one of these awesome, autographed Dashboard Eyeball Wigglers!

“The D” is the official unofficial theme song of Detroit and the project will create a record, video, and documentary of a month-long sing-along of an upbeat, joyous tribute song to the Motor City and its awesome people.

For this week only, if you donate at least $15 to “The D” to help create a new theme sone for Detroit, you’ll be entered into a raffle to win one of 10 awesome, limited edition “Keep Your EYE on Detroit!” Dashboard Eyeball Wigglers personally autographed by Allee WIllis herself. Sweet!

It’s a wonderful project for an amazing city organized by an awesome person. Donate here:!

Click here to learn more about “The D”

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